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How does my HonorBound Subscription work?

Pick your roast, grind or K-cup and shipping frequency.We send you an order confirmationWe roast your whole bean or ground coffee to order.We ship your coffee to you.100% of the net profit from your coffee purchase goes to military families.

How does HonorBound source their coffee?

Our coffee is all ethically grown with the environment in mind and guaranteeing farmer safety. We source our coffee beans from importers who are committed to ethical pricing to ensure sustainability and fair pricing to farmers.

Do you have recommendations for brewing?

Yes! First and foremost, whenever possible, grind whole beans directly before brewing. This will help maintain freshness, and allow you to get the most from your coffee. Additionally, we recommend a heaping tablespoon per two cups of coffee (8 oz cup

What Roasts Do You Carry and What is the Difference?

We carry Light Roasted, Medium Roasted, Dark Roasted, and Decaf Coffees. The primary difference between roasts is a balance between tasting the natural coffee flavor (light roast) and tasting the roast (dark roast). Everyone has a preference and we m

How Do I Know I am Receiving the Freshest Coffee?

Every bag that leaves our master roaster has a “roasted on” date stamped on each bag, so you can know exactly when it was roasted.

Which Coffee Has the Most Caffeine?

Caffeine is reduced as coffee is roasted longer, so a dark roast has less caffeine than a light roast. Just keep in mind this principle: More caffeine does NOT mean more energy.

I see that you have new K-Cups! Will This Work with the Keurig 2.0?

Yes! We are excited to now be offering K-Cups….and we plan to bring even more opportunities to you to benefit our veterans and their families. Stay tuned..